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S/Y Thea - Design no. 206

Thea was designed and build by Johan Anker in Norway in 1918, and was one of the first yachts to be rigged with bamuda rig.

Thea was originally build according to the "S-Formula", valid in Scandinavia. A rule proposed by J. Anker himself in 1916, as a change to the First International Meter Rule from 1907. 

These changes to the rule led to the The Second International Rule in 1919. Since then Thea was, along with the other S-Formula yachts, converted and rated as a 12mR S.I. (Second International rule) 


1918 - 1921 Jacob. B. Stolt - name: SANTA - home port: Haugesund - rig: Bermudan cutter She was commissioned by the grandfather of the present Jacob Stolt Nielsen, the owner of the big shipping company with the same name. Originally built according to the "S" formula proposed by J. Anker in Scandinavian during the First Rule renegotiation which changed in 1919 to the second version of the formula. Since then Santa was rated as a 12m I.R.; the building started on Dec. 5th, 1917


1922 - 1932 And. F. Kiaer - new name: TENDEREN III - home port: Frierikstadt (Norway)


1933 - 1936 L. Rolfsen - new name: GAVOTTE III She entered the K.N.S. Jubileum Regatta in July 1933 in the class of the Twelves not R and she was awarded one first and two seconds


1937 - 1969 Leif Hiegh - new name: SANTA - home port: Oslo - engine installed in 1959, re-powered 1964


1970 - 1998 Baron Ebbe Wedell-Wedellsborg - new name: NINA - home port: Rungsted In 1993 she underwent major maintenance work. From 1972 she spent every winter at the Walsted yard and has had continuous maintenance; most of the hull timber is still original


Since Aug. 1998 - new name: THEA - home port: Copenhagen Since then she has had a major restoration, including new spruce spars, a new engine; the interior has been brought back very close to the original. She is a very active racer both in the classic circuit in Scandinavia and in Danish races where she sails under the DH Danish handicap system.


Second International Rule



Johan Anker


Anker & Jensen, Norway


1918 (Started Dec. 5th 1917)

Length Overall (LOA)

20.06 m.

Length at waterline (LWL)

13.48 m.


3.48 m.


2.62 m.


26 tons


Bermudan sloop / wood


wood (mahogany on oak)

First Name


Sail number

Org. S E11, 12mR N4 - Now:12mR D1

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