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ITMA | International Twelve Metre Association | The International Twelve Metre Association - ITMA.

News, Info, Videos, Images, Links and much more.




Other Classic 12mR yachts


The 12mR Trivia's website | Our German domain-name brothers and home of the 12mR yacht Trivia.
Alot of history and good pictures

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The 12mR Sphinx's website | The website of the newly restored 12mR Sphinx. 

Look under "Construction Journal" to se pictures of the restauration and the beautiful result

The 12mR Evaine's website | The home of the 1936 Charles E. Nicholson 12mR Evaine

Site only in german

The 12mR Heti's website | The 12mR Heti designed by Max Oertz in 1912

Site only in German

The 12mR Anita's website | The history of the 1938 Abeking and Rasmussen 12mR Anita

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Anitra 12mR:

Blue Marlin 12mR:

Chanceegger 12mR:

Cintra 12mR:

Eerna Signe and Magda VIII 12mR:

Heti 12mR:

Jenetta 12mR:

Mitena 12 mR:

Nefertiti 12 mR:

New Zealand "Kiwi Magic" 12mR:

Vema III 12mR:

Wings 12mR:


12 Meter Yacht Club - Newport Station:


Flica 12mR: See attachment

Siesta 12mR: See attachment

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